StoneCastle Fund

How to Invest in the StoneCastle Fund

Our ServicesYou may purchase the StoneCastle Fund via StoneCastle Investment Management Inc. directly. To qualify to purchase directly through StoneCastle Investment Management Inc., investors are required to have a minimum account size of CDN $150,000. Accounts may not be combined to meet this minimum (i.e. registered, non-registered). To make an investment directly through StoneCastle, please contact us directly.

Important information about the StoneCastle Fund is contained in the Offering Memorandum. Please take the time to read this document before investing.

To subscribe to the StoneCastle Fund, you must complete the applicable subscription agreement and deliver it to the offices of StoneCastle Management Inc. by fax, mail, or courier prior to the purchase deadline. Subscription forms must be received and transactions must be executed by 4pm (Eastern Time) on the last business day of each month.

The StoneCastle Fund may only be subscribed to on the last regular business day of each month.

The StoneCastle Fund is officially valued once per month, on the last business day of the month.

The StoneCastle Fund may be redeemed with 30-calendar days notice with no lock-up period. However, a short-term trading fee of 3% will be applied if the investor has not been in the fund for at least 180 days.

To redeem from the StoneCastle Fund please contact StoneCastle directly to receive the redemption request form. In the month that your redemption is approved we will place the redemption for you. Proceeds from the redemption are available five business days after the trade date.

The StoneCastle Fund’s annual management fee is 2%. The StoneCastle Fund also applies a performance fee of 20% of all net profits above a high water mark and has operating expenses applied to them. For further details regarding fees, please consult the Offering Memorandum.

You cannot hold the StoneCastle Fund in your RRSP. You can, however, hold the Redwood Equity Growth Fund and Redwood Income Growth Fund, which have similar mandates and are RRSP eligible.

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