Three Top Stock Picks

Focused on Canadian Equities

April 24, 2014

Bruce Campbell is president and portfolio manager of StoneCastle Investment Management. His focus is Canadian equities.

Concordia Healthcare (CXR-TSX)

Concordia is a growth-by-acquisition story – they recently announced their largest to-date and last acquisition a few weeks back. With all the activity in the pharma sector, they have many, many more opportunities for acquisitions. They have a run rate of $70-$75 million in EDITDA, pay a nice dividend and have a favourable tax structure.

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Sticking To Offence

Targeting Companies Undergoing Big Change

April 3, 2014

Sticking To Offence

Redwood Equity Growth Class portfolio manager Bruce Campbell determines whether he should be on offence or defence before looking for individual stocks, and things are looking fairly good right now.

“We started to see relative strength in a number of Canadian sectors about a year ago, as well as how domestic stocks compared to their U.S. peers,” the founder of Kelowna, B.C.-based StoneCastle Investment Management said.

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Stock Pick: Easyhome Ltd

An Attractively Valued “Cash Flow Machine”

February 3, 2014

Stock Pick: Easyhome Ltd

If you’re searching for a stock to add to your RRSP portfolio—the deadline is only a month away—consider Easyhome Ltd. (TSX: EH), a small-cap financial company- based in Mississauga. It’s a little riskier than holding a big bank in your retirement account, but if you don’t mind owning a $205 million market-cap business then there could be some good upside ahead, says Bruce Campbell, president and portfolio manager at Kelowna-based StoneCastle Investment Management.

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Another Top Performer

Redwood Equity Growth Fund

January 4, 2014

Campbell Has Another Top Performer

Investing whiz Bruce Campbell of Kelowna has done it again. Campbell’s StoneCastle Investment Management has another fund it manages as a top performer in the country. The Redwood Equity Growth Fund Campbell manages for the Toronto-based mutual fund com- pany, grew 11.9 per cent in the three months ending Sept. 30. The next closest on the list of the 15 top performers was iShares S&P at 9.4 per cent. “This year investors diversified and were willing to put their money into some growth,” said Campbell from his office in one of the Landmark towers.

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